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For Bright, Healthy Smiles

BrightWorks Whole-Mouth Oral Care Products Make Maintaining Good Dental Health Accessible and Affordable.

A bright, happy smile makes a big statement and can bring out the best in others. But, having a healthy smile on the outside requires doing some hard work on the inside. That means taking care of not just your teeth, but your gums, cheeks, and tongue. Good self-care, such as regular brushing with fluoride toothpaste and interdental cleaning, along with professional treatment, is key to good oral health and your overall well-being.

That’s why BrightWorks offers a total cleaning experience for the entire family — for beginners, for parents, and for grandparents. Our oral care products are designed to work hard to let your bright, healthy smile shine through.


3 whitening toothbrushes

Premium Whitening Toothbrushes

BrightWorks Premium Whitening Toothbrushes remove surface stains to help whiten teeth, using polishing bristles for thorough cleaning, and whitening cups designed to hold toothpaste. Colored reminder bristles tell you when your brush needs to be replaced, ensuring continued effectiveness. These stylish brushes are ergonomically designed for easier gripping and also include a tongue cleaner to help clean away odor-causing bacteria for fresher breath.

Dazzling Clean Toothbrushes

Dazzling Clean Toothbrushes

BrightWorks Dazzling Clean Toothbrushes are both effective and affordable for maintaining good dental health. They feature soft bristles that are both comfortable and gentle on your gums, and specially designed to work between your teeth to effectively clean away food and plaque. An easy-grip handle provides added control. Available in four colors and multi-packs.

Travel Brush open and folded

Travel Brushes

BrightWorks Travel Brushes are great for on-the-go lifestyles. Gentle and effective soft bristles clean away food and plaque, while the back-of-brush tongue cleaner freshens your breath by reducing odor-causing bacteria. The compact size makes this brush ideal for travel, gym, work, or other away-from-home locations. It folds down into a compact, discreet size for easy storage and to help keep bristles clean when not in use.

Kids' Toothbrushes with close-up and stickers

Kids’ Toothbrushes

BrightWorks Kids’ Toothbrushes are available in fun, bright colors that kids love. They feature soft bristles to clean gently and effectively, and a suction cup base to make it easy to store upright. A small head provides easy maneuverability, and handle grooves make it easy to hold by smaller hands. Each two-pack includes colorful silly monster stickers and a toothbrush replacement reminder sticker.

Sonic Battery Disposable Brushes group

Sonic Battery Toothbrushes

BrightWorks Sonic Battery Toothbrushes have a multi-level bristle design for whitening and deep cleaning with a full-sized head and soft, vibrating bristles. The sleek style includes a cheek, gum, and tongue cleaner for fresher breath, and features a two-minute timer to help promote good brushing habits and ensure sufficient cleaning. Ergonomic design, disposable, and travel-friendly.

Toothbrush Cover Closeup with Grouping

Toothbrush Covers

BrightWorks Toothbrush Covers help to protect your toothbrush while not in use. The easy-to-use covers are convenient for home, travel, work, or anywhere else. Available in packs of four, the covers come in different colors to help each family member identify their toothbrush. BrightWorks Toothbrush Covers are made with food-grade materials, durable and washable.


Dental Floss Product Family

Dental Floss

BrightWorks Dental Flosses are available in a variety of types for removing food and plaque between your teeth and just below the gumline. Our mint-flavored waxed floss is designed to not shred or break between the teeth while gently stimulating gums as they clean. The Soft Slide Floss slides easily and comfortably between tight teeth. BrightWorks charcoal-infused floss also reaches areas toothbrushes can’t to gently remove unsightly plaque and promote healthy gums.

Oral Care Products - Dental Picks Grouping

Dental Picks

BrightWorks Dental Picks clean gently and effectively using soft rubber bristles for sliding between your teeth and the gumline to remove food and plaque. The extra-soft rubber bristles also stimulate gums while cleaning. Each pack of dental picks comes with a plastic case that can hold several strips of dental picks for using on-the-go.

Interdental Brushes - 4 colors with cap

Interdental Brushes

BrightWorks Interdental Brushes provide an easy and convenient way to help remove food and plaque between teeth. The bristles clean hard-to-reach places while the mint flavor helps leave your mouth feeling fresh. Designed with a comfortable handle that is easy to grip and control, the interdental brushes are available in different sizes to work within tight or wide gaps between teeth. With their small size and protective caps, these brushes are ideal for home or discreet use away from home.

Oral Care Products - Kids Flossers Grouping

Kids’ Flossers

BrightWorks Kids’ Flossers help children build healthy oral care habits while making cleaning between the teeth fun and easy. Kids’ flossers are fruit-flavored and designed with fun animal shapes and bright colors to keep them engaged. The special fluoride-coated floss freely slides between the teeth, and easy-grip handles make them easy to hold.

Kids' Plant-Based Flossers with Plant-Based Symbol

Kids’ Plant-Based Flossers

Fun animal shapes and colors, BrightWorks Eco-Friendly Kids’ Flossers are made with plant-based handles and have the great taste of mixed berry. Like our regular Kids’ Flossers, they have fluoride-coated dental floss and are made for small hands, making them easy to hold and use. A fun, effective, and eco-friendly way for kids to learn good oral care habits.

Adult Flossers Grouping

Adult Flossers

BrightWorks Adult Flossers effectively clean by removing food and plaque between your teeth and just below the gums. They have a fresh mint flavor with micro-crystals incorporated into the string to help leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh. Flossers have super-strong floss designed to resist shredding and breaking, and include a dental pick for extra care.

Adult White Flossers with Plant-Based symbol

Adult Plant-Based Flossers

With the same great cleaning action, super-strong floss, fresh mint flavor, and micro-crystals, BrightWorks Plant-Based Adult Flossers have handles made from plant-based materials to be more eco-friendly without sacrificing cleaning effectiveness. Now you can clean those hard-to-reach areas between your teeth while being environmentally responsible.


Oral Care Products - Tongue Cleaners

Tongue Cleaners

BrightWorks Tongue Cleaners help freshen your mouth by removing bacteria on your tongue that can cause bad breath. The tongue cleaner is designed with soft rubber bristles on one side that help clean the tongue and cheeks, and separate soft rubber cleaning grooves  on the other side to scrape away debris and plaque. The tongue cleaners are available in bright colors with stylish handles made of soft rubber for easier control.

End-Tuft Brushes in 4 Colors

End Tuft Brushes

BrightWorks End Tuft Brushes are great for orthodontic appliances and implants. This unique brush head was designed specifically for cleaning hard-to-reach places, like crowns, bridges, implants, and wider gaps between teeth. Special bristles help to deep clean in problem areas, and the rubber pad on the handle helps make it easy to maneuver in your mouth.

Aligner Brush Close-up with Grouping of Colors

Aligner Brushes

The BrightWorks Aligner Brush safely and effectively cleans aligners, retainers, and mouthguards. While being specially designed for cleaning aligners and their unique shape, the soft, nylon bristles also effectively clean retainers and mouthguards. The rubber pad on the brush helps make it easy to hold and maneuver in your mouth.

Denture Brushes

Denture Brushes

BrightWorks Denture Brushes help keep dentures clean and fresh by removing plaque, stains, and food debris. The brushes have two heads to provide cleaning access to all areas of a denture. The large, soft rubber handle was designed for effective control, and the firm bristles help to ensure thorough cleaning.

Oral Care Products - BrightWorks Dental Bath

Dental Bath

The BrightWorks Dental Bath is safe and easy to use for daily cleaning, disinfecting, and overnight soaking of dentures, retainers, night protectors, and mouthguards. With a special hinged lid to provide effective closure, the dental bath also includes a hygienic rinsing basket to keep residue away from dental devices.

There’s So Much More to a Healthy Mouth than Just White Teeth.

Maintaining good oral health requires a lifelong partnership between you and your dentist. And BrightWorks wants to be a part of your team every step of the way with our whole-mouth oral care products, because we feel it’s essential that practicing good oral care is convenient, effective, and sometimes even fun.

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For Bright, Healthy Smiles